Monday, June 15, 2009

Neobux and 10 dollar dreams combination

Out of all the site i have featured here in my blog there are only two that i highly recommend. The first is neobux and the second is 10 dollar dreams. these 2 sites are a very good combination. in neobux i made back my initial investment in the 1st month. in 10dollardreams your investment goes on auto pilot. you dont have to click anything or do anything or sell anything. just invest refer some people and just watch your earnings grow. thats why i am very happy with these two sites, and i wont recommend anything that i havent tried myself. if you wanna know more info about neobux just look at my old post its all there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sign up with GDI

i want to tell everyone about GDI. if your interested in making a website with your own domain and 10 free emails for just $10 a month. plus you also make money by referring other people to GDI. this is a great site and i had already made thousands of dollars in residual income from GDI. so join now this is really a great oppurtunity.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hi everyone,
i would like to share with everyone my latest discovery on how to make money online. i have already been paid $125, and i can say 100% that the site is legit. in this site you earn money by affiliatizing your self to sites like clickbank and my life and they pay you when they get hits from your site. and when you sign up with tissa, who is also well known in GDI, he will advertise your site on his site absolutely free. so its a win win for everyone. Also being a member on GDI is also a reward in itself. So if you want to hop on the gravey train on this then join right now. Its so easy.
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This is my latest discovery on the net and by far my greatest find. i highly recommend signing up.
what have you got to lose anyway?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Make Money Online with GPt and PTC sites, no investmaent needed.

Are you interested in making money online? If the answer is YES then i could teach you how for free with no strings attached and no investment needed, (yes you dont need to pay me nor pay the site) just follow these steps. I'm not trying to scam you nor do i need to scam anyone. I can show you my payment proofs for each of the sites that i have posted on my BLOG, just email me at my email add at the bottom of this post. I'll show you the best paying GPT and PTC sites out there. For those of you who may not not know GPT sites are (get paid to sites) you earn money by taking surveys and filling up offers, these pay well you can earn a minimum of $20-$150 a day, depending on how much time you put into it. Some GPT sites give you a sign in bonus of $1-$5 depending on the site. i'll get into that later. now PTC sites are (pay to click sites) you earn money here by veiwing ads for about 30 seconds each. You dont earn as much as GPT sites but the trick here is not to earn by yourself but get referrals to earn for you. Now these referrals depending on how many they are will earn money for you daily, and the advantage of PTC sites is that they pay instantly and you dont have to do much just 5-10 min a day and your on your way to making money. I have a separate post on PTC sites at the bottom of this page. You could research all the sites that i'm about to show you, you can google it, you can look it up on youtube and see all the people who have made money already. At first i was just doing PTC sites, it made money but not that much, but now i'm doing PTC sites and GPT sites and i was able to buy a laptop with it. A dream come true for me cause my previous laptop was stone age. So if your gonna join under me i'm gonna teach you all the tips and tricks of the trade to save you all those countless hours that i spent fumbling in the dark as a newbie (GPT sites are a little complicated).
So lets start of with the GPT sites, first of we have cash crate very good GPT site especially when your in the US. they pay via check. Then we have Cash4free another of my favorites they have a $5 sign in bonus and they pay via paypal or check. and lastly is GPT paradise same as Cash4free they pay via paypal or check but the thing is they dont have a minimum cash out so if you wanna take your $1 and head for the hills you could do that, but i advise you not to cause you could make a ton of money if you stay. so lets say you in 1 site you make around $100, we multiply that by 3 since you joined 3 sites thats $300 in your pocket whenever you decide to cashout. Not bad for just sitting on your computer moving your hands and eyeballs isnt it? Thats not including the money you make on PTC sites.
Now about PTC sites the sites i'm gonna give you credit $0.01 per ad you view so you can view 4 ads max per day. so you can make $0.04 a day, lets multiply that by 2 since there are 2 sites. thats $0.08, now lets say you have 100 referrals on both sites (ofcourse you have to recruit those referrals) thats $8 per day. how about if you have 500 referrals?? think of the posibilities, i know people who have 4000 referrals on just 1 site. they make tons of money online every day. some of them even bought a car. So what are you waiting for?? All the sites i showed you are 100% legit. This is the easiest way to make money online, perfect for teens and stay at home mom and dads. I'll give you the links right now so you can start earning right away. DONT FORGET TO SEND ME YOUR EMAIL WHEN YOU JOIN so i can send you the tips and tricks of the trade. Its very important that you do this, so you can maximize your earnings, i'll also teach you how to complete offers faster. Heres my email >>>>>

Dont hesitate to email me if you have any problems or questions, i'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

GPT sites
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PTC sites

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thank you and i wish you could luck. I hope you would make as much money as i have.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Make Money with Get Paid to Click PTC Sites

Are you a mom or a dad who want to work close to your family? Want to fire your boss and have your own business? Need a part time job at home? Are you a bum who sits in front of a computer but doesn't earn anything from it? Are you a student in need of extra cash? Are you just any other person who needs money for yourself and your family? This home based job or business I'm offering is exactly just for YOU!

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PTCs are the most popular internet income opportunity at present and will be more popular in the future. These are programs/websites where advertisers pays YOU to click and view or surf their advertisements.

Click and view advertisement for 30 seconds and get paid for it. (Wait for the "check" or "OK" mark to be sure you get paid)

1. A PC or a laptop - Obviously you need this one if you want a home-based job/business.
2. Internet connection - preferrably broadband or higher.
3. Positive attitude - this is a job/business that requires patience and dedication.

EARNING POTENTIAL: $300-$1500 per month or even more!

Let's say you joined 10 PTC programs and those PTC programs has 10 advertisements each. Most PTCs will pay you $0.01 per advertisement view. That's 10 PTC programs x 10 ads = 100 ads, 100 ads x $0.01 = $1.00/day, $1.00 x 30 days = $30.00/month (your personal earnings per month)

That's it? CHEAP? I don't think so. You earned that without cashing out, right? That's guaranteed extra income for you!

In PTCs, you multiply your income through REFERRALS. Most PTCs will pay you 100% of your referral earnings. Let me give you an example...

  • $30.00/month (your personal earning)
  • 10 referrals x $30 = $300 (your earnings from your referrals when they do exactly what you do)
  • $300 + $30 = $330 (your total earnings with only 10 referrals)
What if you have 20 referrals? You earn $630.00/month!
What if you have 50 referrals? You earn $1,530/month!
What if you joined more than 10 PTC programs?
What if you have a lot of referrals?
You do the math. Just imagine how much you could earn monthly!

Do unto others what you would want others do unto you. You need to be an active PTC user. That means you need to click and view ads daily for you and your referrer to earn in this business. In the same way, your referrals will copy your actions, so they earn while you earn. Everyone is happy!

  • Step #1: Be sure to have your own email. If you don't have one, get a free email at or
  • Step #2: Register for free at and (This is where most PTCs will pay you. Just choose personal starter or personal pro account in alertpay. In paypal, just skip the part for credit card verification. You don't need that.
  • Step #3: Register a FREE account at the Paid to Click Online Jobs Section in the right column of my blog. Just click the banners to register for FREE. You can join one or more Paid to Click Online Jobs for more opportunities.
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  • Step #5: Make the clicking and viewing of ads a daily habit (all it takes is 1-2 hours a day depends on how many PTCs you joined)
  • Step #6: Refer others to join under you. If you want, you can paraphrase but not copy my ad. Be PATIENT. Keep on clicking.
  • Step #7: Cashout your earnings when you reach minimum payout.
  • Step #8: Enjoy your money and spend it wisely!
  • Step #9: Enter your email in the upper right column of my blog to join TEAM PURPLE BOX PROJECT so you can get updates and keep in touch with me to get more tips and tutorials at
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For Philippine Residents:
If you don't have a credit card you can apply an Eon Visa Card. Visit or visit your nearest unionbank branch for more info on EON VISA.

Joining 10+ active PAID TO CLICK SITES can make you earn bigger and faster! Click daily. Refer daily. And earn more online!

All you need to succeed in PTC is PATIENCE and at least an hour of your day. It will take at least a month for you to earn your first online payment. Always remember, there is no such thing as easy money. You have to work for it. But not really working hard but working smart coz PTCs are really easy and no skill required. All you need to do is click, view, and earn. That easy!

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Tom Clancy HAWKX game for the PC

From what i've heard its not out yet on the PC. But its out on the PS3. I've really read some very good reviews about it and watched some in-game videos of HAWKX and i think that it is really good. I've already bought a saitek x52 joystick in anticipation of this game but for the meantime i', using it for IL2 and FSX. And from i think that it would work well with HAWKX. I was planning to get the Saitek CyborgX but decided to go for the X52 because of a separate throttle module and the multiple HAT swithces, MDF and versatility of this stick.

My first time blogging

Hello everybody this is my first time blogging. so i dont know really how this works yet. will try to keep my blog as updated as possible on the exciting and bizarre stuff i come by everyday. until then. The Purple Box Project